Jeff's FR Campaign

When it rains, it pours...

When it rains, it pours…

Session Start – 1:15 PM

The 5th of Eleint, the Fading – 1368 DR, The Year of the Banner

Somewhere near the High Moor in Western Faerun….

The wanderers found themselves coming together at Hightower Tor, amidst a terrible storm that was dropping heavy rain and hail on them. Tossed into this situation, the adventurous souls introduced themselves to each other and warily banded together to investigate the uncovered ruins within the tor.

Moments after deciding upon a course of action, during a crescendo of loud thunder, the doors in the room burst open and they were set upon by bands of panicked rats. The party handily dispatched the rabid rats and continued on into the tor.

Investigating further, the adventurers came upon an empty room that had nothing in it but a large standing stone sarcophagus with an strange head. Shortly after entering the room, this odd head wiggled and flew at the group. It was a Lesser Vargouille! It let out a ear piercing shriek at the party and everyone was struck with sudden fear except for the stouthearted Monk. Whilst the remainder of the band stood cowering, Artow of the Shining Hand proceeded to decimate the aberration and smote it’s body to the stone floor.

Examining the empty sarcophagus after the battle, Beljira, the rogue, discovered a shiny silver ring in the rubble at the bottom of the sarcophagus. A nice enough start to an unsure alliance. Beljira passed the ring over to Mnimue, the Sorcerer, to hold until they found their way from these ruins.

Continuing further into the tomb, the party found another small, empty, dust covered room. Inside this room, the only thing visible amongst the years of dust and cobwebs, was a single chest sitting on the floor in the middle of the room.

Thinking this could be some form of trap, Beljira moved into the room and tried to discover if the chest was indeed trapped or just left unmolested all these years. Moments of careful searching did not yield any useful information on whether or not a trap existed on this chest. Standing back and kicking the chest lid with her boot, Beljira was not all too surprised when she heard the telltale sound of a tripwire being sprung. Deftly dodging the fusillade of darts that whizzed at her from the eastern wall, she escaped unscathed and the darts clattered to the floor on the other side of the room. Trap exhausted, Beljira signaled for the others to enter the room.

Upon opening the chest lid, the group discovered some items of worth inside. Gathering up the items, Beljira found a leather headband of some sort, 2 lustrous pearls and an old oiled leather pouch containing 100gp. This was given to Mnimue to hold as well.

With no other directions to explore but north deeper into the tor, the party dusted themselves off and moved into the northern hallway, wary of creatures and traps. After a long walk down the corridor, it opened into a large room that had a few old rotting tables covered in rusty implements of some sort. Rain water was falling into the center of this room from an opening in the ceiling and an old rope was dangling from the hole, leading up into darkness. The water was pooling in the center of the room but slowly dribbling away into a drainage grate in the floor.

Suddenly, a gruff shout was bellowed into the room from the northeastern passageway as two Hobgoblins charged in tossing javelins and brandishing swords at the party! A short battle ensued with the hobgoblins lying dead face down in the water….

Session End – 5:10PM


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